Materials & Care

Your shoes were handcrafted using natural materials, the finished product may have slight variances in color or appearance which is normal and adds to the beauty & uniqueness of the shoes.

Leather Care: Use a boar bristle brush to remove dust and dirt, and occassionally apply a leather conditioner to keep the leather hydrated.

Soles: You can prevent any initial damage by taking your shoes to your local cobbler to apply a protective sole. Otherwise, when you notice the leather begin to thin or the brass nails begin to poke out, it's advisable to visit your local cobbler for shoe resoling to prolong the lifespan of your shoes.

Heels: if the toplift (piece at the bottom of the heel that meets the floor) begins to wear down considerably, it is best to take them to your local cobbler to be replaced BEFORE the bottom of the heel becomes exposed to wear and damage.

Lastly, avoid harsh elements & wetting or submerging in water. Leather is a very resilient material but if shoes get wet they will lose their shape.