Heel Bundle 7cm (Save 10%!)

Heel Bundle 7cm (Save 10%!)

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** If you require a half-size, please size up. (e.g.: If a 7.5 is needed, order 8)**

Heel bundle for lasts: Hollywood, Ritz (lasts sold separately)

Height: 7cm

Select between:

· 4 pairs of the "Edwardian" curvy Louis-style heel

· 4 pairs of the "Rita" block heel

· 4 pairs of the "Greta" tapered heel

· 2 pairs "Edwardian" + 2 pairs "Rita"

· 2 pairs "Edwardian" + 2 pairs "Greta"

· 2 pairs "Rita" + 2 pairs "Greta"


Heels are carved in wood and Made in Italy by a family-run manufacturer. 

*Please note that although we strive for perfection, some minor differences may occur. But don’t fret, it’s nothing that a little light sanding can’t fix! :)

For any questions, please email info@vickydincecco.com

Please keep in mind that your lasts are being made to order. Turnaround times will vary depending on the manufacturer. ✨💗